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Individual Tax Return

Every year iTax Group tax accountants help hundreds of clients with the preparation and lodgement of their individual tax returns. We endeavour to make the tax return experience as efficient and convenient as possible to make sure that you maximise tax return legally at flat service fee. More importantly, all of the work is done in the Sydney office and your privacy and confidential information is secured either offshore or within Australia.

iTax Group tax accountants have a variety of hands-on experience in individual tax returns and business services. Our qualified accountants meet Australian employees, employers, contractors, property and stock market investors, owners of international property, as well as working visa holders, tourists and other Australian non-residents every day. Furthermore, we have experience across an extensive range of industries, including health care exporters, wholesale, retail, franchising and other areas.

What we do

  • Personal tax returns
  • Rental properties
  • Family tax benefits
  • Personal tax returns
  • Capital gains tax
  • Home business tax returns
  • Sole trader/contractor tax returns
  • Trusts/partnership
  • Prior years’ tax returns
  • ATO non-lodgement advice
  • ATO liaison
  • Trusts/partnership

Who we serve

  • Builders
  • Contractors
  • Health care professionals
  • International clients
  • IT professionals
  • Property managers
  • Property investors
  • Retail staff
  • Salespeople
  • Sole traders
  • Teachers
  • Tradespeople
  • Ticketing clerk
  • Working holiday visa holders (Subclass 417, 462, 888 etc)

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