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Terms and conditions

1. ‘iTax Group Pty Ltd’ or ‘iTax Group‘ and ‘we’, ‘our’ and ’us‘ (ABN 86 602 793 242) Tax Agent Number 24882469, is referred to here after as “the Agent”.
2. iTax Group or the Agent guarantees that it will use all due care when preparing income tax refunds and superannuation refunds.
3. The Agent will prepare and lodge all returns based on the information provided by the client.
4. The Agent will not be held responsible if the client:
• provides false, misleading or incorrect information;
• has previously lodged the tax return being prepared;
• has already received a refund;
• has provided information that is different to the information provided by the Australian Taxation Office;
• owes the Australian Taxation Office money. In this instance we would contact the client of further charges due.
5. The Agent will prepare all documents in accordance with Australian Taxation Law and subject to the information provided by the client.
6. The Agent ensures that all client information is held as private and confidential. Information collected in writing and/or verbally for tax return filing services can and may be used for internal auditing purposes by the Agent and provided to the Australian Tax Office for external auditing purposes.
7. iTax Group or the Agent will keep customers up to date with the progress of returns via telephone or email/mail. Clients should keep sufficient space in email accounts to maintain constant communication until work is complete.
8. iTax Group will deliver all refunds as fast as possible, subject to the provision of the correct documents by the clients and the efficient processing of the refund application by the Australian taxation office or related parties.
The following service times should be expected:
• Prior& current income tax years – 10 to 14 business days
• Tax refund amendments – 25 to 40 business days
• Early Assessments – 42 to 56 business days
Extended waiting periods can be expected during high volume periods or the tax returns are under review by Australian Taxation Office.
9. When the client sign a Power of Attorney, he/she is agreeing us to pay the fee to iTax Group for the organisation of the refund. If our client refuses to pay for the service provided, we reserve the right to take legal action to retrieve monies owed and report the name of the customer as a Bad Debtor to the relevant financial institutions in the country of the customer, on the iTax Group website and other media if the fee has not been paid within the rational terms given.
10. For additional value-added services provided by iTax Group to the client, additional fees will apply to cover associated administrative and management costs. Such additional services include, but are not limited to, document retrieval, amendment preparation for previous returns, and certain payment options. For more information about the fee for the additional services rendered for an individual case, please feel free to contact us for specific fees relating to each case.
11. In the case of payment by cheque, iTax Group has no control over the fees charged locally by banks in cashing the cheque. The Agent will not be liable for any changes in local bank charges, any currency exchange rates by the banks or any time period that the bank takes to cash the cheque. The Agent will apply an administration fee for the provision of additional payment options, which are highly administrative in nature. iTax Group informs the client when the choice of payment option is offered.
12. ITax Group will not be held responsible for fees charged by local banks for the deposit of cheques and transfer of international funds.
13. Where refund entitlements of the customer are offset against liabilities to the Government or any other financial liabilities, the fee for services rendered is still applicable.
14. The submission of a registration to iTax Group, by web, post, hand, or email, constitutes agreement to these Terms & Conditions, including amendments thereto, by the customer.
15. Once iTax Group have received all documents and authorisation to proceed, the refund will be automatically processed. Written revocation must be received within 3 days and a receipt of confirmation will be issued in order for the process to discontinue.
16. Any client enquires should be emailed to or other media platform including Facebook and Wechat, and a response will occur within 24 hours as soon as possible.
17. Terms and Conditions are occasionally updated and it is the client’s responsibility to keep informed of any changes.